Running Club

Practice trail running surrounded by our majestic Cross Timbers Forest. There’s no endless circle or boring straight line on the trail. Trail running keeps you engaged like no other kind of running! You’ll remain alert as you note the changing seasons, jump puddles or rocks, maneuver around branches and encounter birds & other wildlife. Led by Jason Tamblyn.

The cost is only $10/person/year – to register, please call 817-491-6333.

About Jason Tamblyn

Jason has competed for over 35 years in various distance running events, helping his Oregon High School cross country team to an Oregon State Cross-Country championship, and also ran track and cross country at University of Georgia, where he held the number 2 cross country position, behind a remarkable athlete from South Africa. He lettered for his accomplishments at University of Georgia, receiving both a Letterman’s jacket and blanket.

Jason has also competed in countless Trail Races and 4 marathons, including Boston Marathon in 2008, Disney Marathon in 2007 and Mount Mitchell Marathon Challenge in 2009. His best Marathon time was 3 hours 6 minutes in the Huntsville Marathon.

Jason has run more than 85,000 miles during his more than 35 years of distance running. He also coached two high school distance runners while living outside of Atlanta, with one of runners being a top cross country and track athlete on the Rice University woman’s track and cross-country teams.

“The dynamics of trail running and racing a very different from road races, or distance running races on the track,” stated Tamblyn, and “requires many additional skill sets to be competitive.”

Jason enjoys both the joy of running, as well as teaching others various race strategy’s and training techniques to get the most out of each runner. Jason currently resides in Addison, Texas.