This series of classes is designed to wow your child with up-close- and- personal experiences with things kids love! All classes introduce science and nature concepts and skills in a creative, dynamic context.

Instructor: Chris Sawinski
Location: Bob Jones Nature Center & Preserve
Ages: 6 and Up
Class Size: Min 4; Max 12
Cost: $25 per class
Date: Saturday 9-11am (Beginning June 21st)

Eventbrite - Saturday Science and Art


Awesome Owl Pellets! - June 21st
Owls rock! Make castings of prints and discover the mystery inside sterilized owl pellets! Create a display of the bones you find!

Celebrate Bugs! - June 28th
Discover the amazing anatomy of bugs! Use microscopes and magnifying glasses to get closer. Participate in activities that demonstrate how arthropods are adapted in fascinating ways! Create giant, anatomically correct insects!

Favorite Critters Day!- July 12th
Mealworms and roly polys take center stage in this class! Learn all about metamorphosis in mealworms. Experiment with how mealworms and roly polies react to new situations and stimuli. Have a great time competing in roly poly races! Can they complete a maze? Which is faster? Make observations! Big fun for all!

Nature Weavings! - July 19th
Make a special loom from a large tree cross-section. Create beautiful, unique weavings from materials we discover in nature!

Nature Castings- July 26th
Use clay imprints you create from materials we discover to make wonderful wind chimes! Make the sounds of the woods and fields at the Nature Center!

Woodland Fairy and Gnome Houses- August 3rd
Who has a fabulous imagination and a brilliant sense of creativity? Use them to create unique whimsical dwellings for little garden creatures! Make a brilliant headpiece for yourself as well!