Natural Discovery

Summer Camp 2018

This year, sign your kiddo up to discover the natural treasures of the Cross Timbers forest! With 750 acres of trails to explore, Bob Jones Nature Center provides the perfect natural setting, along with experienced staff, for the summer of a lifetime. Each week has a different theme, so be sure to sign up for the topics that your camper is the most interested in!

3-5 Year Old Registration
(Note: all campers MUST be potty-independent, NO exceptions)

5-6 Year Old Registration

7-9 Year Old Registration


Week 1 – Young Birders (June 5-8) 

Dive right into the world of birds with our Young Birders week, which will take campers through the basics of what makes birds unique, how to identify common backyard birds, and the world of meat-eating birds known as raptors. We will dissect owl pellets, look at feathers under microscopes, and play bird games all week long.

Week 2 – World of Insects (June 12-15)

Come learn about some of the amazing adaptations insects have evolved, examine live specimens under microscopes, and build an insect hotel at our World of Insects week. Each day will focus on a different insect: grasshoppers, ants, butterflies, beetles. Jump right in and you will gain a whole new level of appreciation for these tiny creatures!

Week 3 – Underground Investigators (June 19-22)

Discover the worlds of life located just beneath our feet at Underground Investigators week. We will spend this week learning about the burrowing animals that take advantage of the land underground and about what makes up the dirt.

Week 4 – Pond Explorers (June 26-29)

Ponds are magnets for hosts of different kinds of wildlife, from the plants that are rooted there to the wading birds like Great Blue Herons that hunt for aquatic insects. This week, we will scoop up and study pond samples under microscopes as we learn about the benefits that wetlands provide to life of all shapes and sizes.

Week 5 – Predators and Prey (July 10-13)

This week we will dive right in to the world of animals that sit atop the food chain on both land and sea, from local carnivores like hawks and coyotes to meat-eaters across the world like cheetahs. Sign up to learn about why predators are so essential to the balance of nature and how their amazing adaptations help them survive.

Week 6 – Life on the Prairie (July 17-20)

The vast prairies of North America were once and still are a home to a wide variety of fascinating creatures, from Prairie Dogs to Armadillos. We’ll spend this week exploring the tracks and other signs of the creatures on our prairie  land and learning about why grasslands are an essential ecosystem.

Week 7 – Fossil Mania (July 24-27)

This week we will wind the clock back to when the land that we live on supported a whole different ecosystem. Texas is an excellent place to dig up the past, and we will spend Fossil Mania week exploring the ancient rocks that teach us about creatures as old as the dinosaurs.


Special Features

  • Healthy snacks served daily (one for half-day, two for full-day)
  • Weekly visits from special guests

Things To Bring To Camp:

  • Sun screen
  • Lunch (full-day campers)
  • Wear hiking clothes (close-toed shoes)
  • Water Bottle (refillable) 
  • Bug repellent 

Age Groups: 3-5 | 5-6 | 7-9


Tuesday – Friday

Sign up for one week or as many as you want.

3-5 year olds: Half Day 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

5-9 year olds: Full Day 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Early drop off (8:30 a.m.) is available for all age groups. Late pick up (5:15 p.m.) is available for full day campers. Indicate “yes” on registration form if needed. 

3-5 year olds: $180 per week
5-9 year olds: $225 per week

Discount: 10% Discount for Family level Members of BJNC! Become a member here! BJNC members, please call 817-491-6333 to register at the discounted rate.

Refunds and Cancellations: Camps cancelled by parents 6 weeks or more in advance of the camp session are refunded at 100% excluding all processing fees. Camps cancelled by parents between 6 and 3 weeks of the camp session are refunded at 50% excluding all processing fees. Camps cancelled within 3 weeks of the camp session will not be issued a refund of any kind. In those cases where there is availability in another week of camp, every attempt will be made to honor a transfer request. If there is availability, a cancellation fee will not be charged.

For more details on BJNC Summer Day Camp, please call us at 817-491-6333 or email

Bob Jones Nature Center’s educational programs are exempt from licensing by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.