General Guidelines

In order to protect not only our plants and wildlife but also all of our visitors, we ask that you review these general guidelines:

  • Visitors and hikers: be prepared for the great outdoors – dress for seasonal weather, wear closed-toed, closed-healed walking shoes, apply sunscreen and bug-repellant as needed, and stay hydrated.
  • All plants, animals and natural objects are protected; no fishing or hunting.
  • Adhere to posted speed limit; be aware of small children and animals while driving.
  • Do not collect any natural objects, pick plants or interact with wildlife.
  • Walk only on established trails – hiking off the trails disturbs natural habitats and increases encounters with poison ivy, snakes and other dangers.
  • Bicycles, ATVs, motorized vehicles and horses are not permitted on BJNC trails. Click here for nearby equestrian trails.
  • Dogs and other domesticated pets are not permitted at BJNC.
  • No entry beyond closed gates.
  • No grills or fires.
  • Dispose of trash properly – Leave No Trace behind.
  • No overnight camping; daytime use only.
  • No visiting before or after posted hours.
  • Professional photographers MUST register with BJNC before conducting a photo session or taking photos. Click for more information.

If you encounter someone not following these guidelines, please contact us at 817-491-6333 or

If you plan to attend an event at BJNC, we ask that you download and fill out our standard release form and email the completed form to