Garden Plant List

Border Gardens
The Tarrant County Master Gardeners have diligently and passionately worked for years on the perennial gardens which border the Nature Center – they provide all their services on a volunteer-basis. The Master Gardeners have carefully chosen native trees, plants, flowers & grasses best suited for our hot, dry summers and often cold & icy winters. Click here to review the Plant List.

Pollinator Garden
The Pollinator Garden, our newest garden, features Texas native plants, trees and flowers – all of which bring native butterflies, bees and birds which are currently dwindling in population. This garden is a joint effort with the City of Southlake and was also funded by grants from the Perennial Garden Society of Southlake and the Trinity Forks Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas as well as donations from individuals and families in the community. Click here to see the Plant List.